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There is plenty to discover about Bali on Baliholidays.co.uk and here you can discover the most important and interesting facts or extend your reading further through our more in depth pages.

Bali is a long haul destination and is exceptionally well suited to anyone who is looking for a wedding or honeymoon location. The beach resorts offer pristine sands and every service from water sports to luxury spas is available.

The accommodation on Bali is world class and you can choose from over-sized guestrooms, suites or secluded villas. Known as the 'Island of the Gods', Bali has a diverse scenery which includes beaches, rice terraces, hills, mountains and volcanic hillsides. Consistently winning travel awards,

Bali is deeply spiritual and rich in culture. Scuba diving, water sports, and surfing are particularly popular pursuits but there is just as much to discover on land.

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Many Hindu temples are just waiting to be explored along with hot springs, the west Bali National Park, championship golf courses, the Bali Zoo, Bungy jumping, paragliding, mountain biking, horse riding, rice fields and jungle treks.

Shopping brings with it many bargains and these in particular include branded sportswear that can be picked up at a fraction of the cost compared to the UK. Arts & crafts, dried spices and coffee are also popular buys for the tourist.

International cuisine is widely available but you may wish to sample of a few of the local delicacies. Babi guling is a roast suckling pig dish that be found at the night market stalls while bebek betutu (darkened duck), sate lilit (minced seafood satay) and lawar (Balinese salads) can be found in local restaurants.

You can also read further about the most popular resort towns such as Nusa DuaTanjung BenoaSeminyak and Jimbaran Bay.

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Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa 4 Stars
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Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali 5 Stars
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Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali 5 Stars
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