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Top Places to Visit in Bali


The magical island of Bali has many wonderful sights to see from beautiful beaches to temples and cultural sights to stunning tropical landscapes.

When you choose to visit Bali you will probably have a long list of places on your list to visit so to help you narrow it down here we have chosen some of the most special sights in Bali.


Tirta Empul Temple

This temple was built in 960 B.C and the Balinese people believe that their spirits are cleaned and any physical ailments are healed when they bathe in the water from the holy springs. The legend surrounding this temple is that the God Indra once touched the springs during his battle with evil Mayadanawa who has poisoned a nearby river, so the god created this spring of sacred water to save them.

The temple was erected around the springs and special bathing pools were created where todays tourists can bath in the clear water.


Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)

This cave built into the side of a hillside is a popular site with tourists and this is an ancient monastery of Hindu and Buddhist monks that used the cave temple to meditate. The elaborate carvings on the entrance depict a demon head splitting open the rock at the mouth of the cave where visitors enter into the T shaped interior.

The rectangular bathing pool is an example of the long standing Balinese tradition of building pools at sacred springs.


Monkey Forest (Sangeh)

The village of Sengeh is 21 kilometers away from Denpasar and here you will find a temple that the many resident monkeys are believed to be the guardians of. The mossy temple is hidden amongst the many trees and you will see many monkeys here, so it's best to keep your belongings secure as these creatures are very curious. The 40m temple was built in the seventeenth century and the monkeys go about their daily business alongside the many tourists that visit this spot.


This is only a sample of the many wondrous sights in Bali and of course there are many stunning beaches to visit for watersports as well as fantastic dining on fresh seafood.


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